Video upon request

Everything is the same as before. You offer the script and its details.
video for all
– 50 euros per clip (no transfer of copyright). early viewing
– 75 euros per clip (no transfer of copyright) download option.
The video is not public.
– 350 euros per clip (no transfer of copyright) download option just for you.
– 850 euros per clip (transfer of copyright) all content is transferred to you, you can do whatever you want with it.

these conditions are valid for
– clip duration up to 30 minutes.
– without purchasing additional equipment.
– up to 3 actors.
We can consider any other scenarios and tasks.

– other creative tasks: from 30 euros per minute of the final video.

viewing and paying for content is possible on the Loyalfans, BestFans, Faphouse platforms*.
*except in the case of transferring videos with copyright (any method is available).
Default video quality is FHD 25 fps. (also available 4K 4.2.2. 8 bit 500mb\s 25 fps PAL)