A medical fetish

0219_001_gynclubOne of the elements of its studio equipment is gynecological chair, metal surgical table and terrible saws and pliers on it. When asked what she nags them or bites, Victoria explains that the process of honey-domination is not physical, but only psychological. Naked man with wide open and fixed legs already feel dependent, defenseless and helpless. A kind of nickel-plated iron tools on the table itself throws it in the sweet horror. He did not even have to deal with, and for the culmination of the process rather metallic sounds from behind to move to an iron tool table.

The boundaries of “playground” in medfetish quite large – from white-coat one partner and another visual inspection prior to the application of various stents, catheters, tank analyzes and so on.

Here we list the main Soup, are in demand in our sex shops. Many of the “attributes” medfetish are common medical tools. However, our customers often do not have time to look for relevant organizations, and they get them from us. clothing

Costume nurse, surgical gowns (see chap. “Clothes for role-playing games”).

Vaginal and anal mirror (extenders)


Medical fetishIn general, it is quite usual medical instruments that have all the necessary documents and certificates. But now medical organizations are invited, as a rule, one-time mirror of transparent plastic, and found nickel expanders that its steel shine attract many of our customers, it is not so simple.